How To Fix:
Laptop battery not charging issues
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How To Fix:
Laptop battery not charging issues

To start with, Why don’t we get
the simple way to deal with laptop battery not charging errors
cared for right away, as they are lower difficulty, low risk, and will often help you.

Do The Laptop Battery Shuffle

  1. Shut down the laptop
  2. unplug the laptop from the laptop charger
  3. remove the laptop battery
  4. plug-in the laptop (running on the laptop ac adapter, not the battery)
  5. boot up
  6. shut it down yet again
  7. unplug it
  8. stick in the laptop battery
  9. plug it back in
  10. reboot your laptop.

The Nintendo Maneuver

  1. Slide the laptop battery release lever to unlock
  2. Take out the laptop battery
  3. Blow on the battery
  4. Replace the battery
  5. Slide battery lock back to closed

just like you used to do to get your nes cartridges working. This method works for a great many reasons. you are reseating the laptop battery, removing dust, and making sure the laptop battery lock is in the correct position, this will correct many physical contact issues.

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