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How to Fix Laptop Battery Not Charging

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Instructions on how to Fix Laptop Battery Not Charging

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A List of Laptop Batteries

A List of Laptop Chargers

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Some Quick Tips to help you Get started Fixing Laptop Battery Not Charging Issues

1. Check the Laptop Charger’s connections
Remove all connectors, blow into them to dislodge dust, reconnect
2. Check Battery Connections
Remove battery from laptop, wipe contacts with rubbing alcohol soaked cloth
allow to dry, reconnect
3. Reset the Battery use manager log
With the computer powered down, remove the battery and hold the power button for 60 seconds to reset the battery use log. Then put the battery back in and power it back on
4. Reset the Laptop Battery itself
You will need a Specific Guide for that, those will be coming soon

If these techniques to fix Laptop not charging issues do not get your laptop battery working properly, visit some of the links above for further details